How to Stop Being Undervalued and Underpaid and Start Earning the Six-Figures You Are Worth

For therapists, coaches, counselors and healers

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How to stop being underpaid and undervalued, and ensure a good income by earning in accordance to the value you offer

A lot of therapists, coaches, counsellors and healers with a practice crave financial stability and abundance, but they don't know how to establish that. Apart from feeling insecure and stressed, they also feel undervalued and underpaid, and they have insufficient knowledge to change this. Within the industry there is a massive taboo about discussing financial success and money. This has monstrous undermining consequences for the professional. Perhaps it is one of the most ignored subjects in the field, literature and education for this target group.

Claim Your Value contains essential information you need that does not get shared through professional education or professional bodies. Sandra Derksen, since 1998 a therapist herself, takes you to the very core of not claiming your value. A shift in your way of thinking is necessary in order to claim your value and increase your revenue, because it is the professional themselves that is the biggest hindering factor in the process of earning to the value you have to offer. Sandra breaches this sensitive subject by sharing personal experiences from her practice as well as tips and strategies. This is supported by inspiring tales from her colleagues that started working in a value-oriented fashion through programmes. Her powerful and encouraging advice is an invitation to unapologetically embrace your value so you can create a future of financial abundance and freedom. The choice is all yours... You decide!

"Sandra is truly one of the Dutch experts in the field of earning to the value you have to offer, perhaps even the top Dutch expert."
- Jeanet Bathoorn

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